Last update: September 2020.

These Terms and Conditions of use apply to the use of the service platform offered by Pratic Talentos, in the Behavioral Trend Evaluation application, manager of the website and provider of the correlated services, object of these Terms.

The acceptance of these Terms is absolutely INDISPENSABLE to the use of the Platform and the services offered by it. Therefore, for the correct use, you must read, make sure that you have understood and accept all the conditions established in these Terms.


In order to use the Pratic Behavioral Trend Evaluation Platform through the password received, you must be over 18 years of age, for cases under 18 (eighteen) years of age, you must have the consent of your parents or guardians. In compliance with the current legislation of your country regarding the conclusion of contracts. 

All persons who come to use the services that Pratic Talentos makes available on this platform via web, should be fully responsible for the data provided and the information chosen when responding to the behavioral profile evaluation.

After the company receives the access data to its platform, it is the responsibility of the company to distribute login and password to other users.


After accessing the platform with the login and password provided by the company, you will be asked to fill in personal data. Pratic will not be liable for data entered incorrectly in its registration, and may respond civilly and criminally for the veracity and authenticity of the data registered.

System and network security breaches may result in civil and/or criminal prosecution. 

Pratic is not responsible for your choice in any process in which you are participating, including this behavioral profile evaluation.

Personal Data

On the Pratic platform you perform a behavioral profile evaluation of which the company sent the user name and password.

The history of performance and interaction with the Pratic platform will be recorded, and access to this history will be given to the company that sent the password, to better understand your behavioral preferences, and thereby enabling you to perform a better job for your professional development.

The result of this behavioral profile evaluation will only be available to the company that is offering the service. The result can be applied to recruitment and selection, training and development, career succession plan, team mapping, self-knowledge, coaching, business structure redesign and others.


In order to carry out this behavioral profile evaluation, it will be in the interest of the parties to collect amounts. Pratic Talentos will not be responsible for the prices charged. 


By agreeing to the Terms and starting the use of the Pratic platform, you undertake to respect the conditions set forth in an irreversible and irrevocable manner, as well as to use the services offered by Pratic in a productive and legal manner.


The parties hereby elect the forum of the District of São Paulo, as the competent to resolve any doubts about this Term, to the detriment of any other, however privileged it may be.